Eric Baum - Music Demo Reel

Demo Reel

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Genres include comedy, drama, suspense, horror, tension, and electronic...

I Love Bekka & Lucy

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Eric scored scenes and produced music for the Emmy-nominated I Love Bekka & Lucy,...
"Lamp" short film


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Original and hilarious, "Lamp" was Best Comedy finalist at #MyRodeReel2019 and won the Audience...
VR Gaming Music

VR Gaming Trailer

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Composer for an epic card game that was revamped for virtual reality on smartphones...

Los Bomberos

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Eric scored scenes and served as music editor for the award-winning film Los Bomberos,...


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BeeBee-BouBou, friend or foe? The musical direction for this film and trailer is 1950s...
Twick or Tweat short film

Twick or Tweat

/Author: ericthebaum
Intense candy negotiations quickly get out of hand on this dark Halloween...

Winston & Me

/Author: ericthebaum
Inspired by the television classic Alf, this video was produced for the opening keynote...

Bad Beets Game Trailer

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Co-wrote the song featured in this ad for the board game "Bad Beets."  Performed...


/Author: ericthebaum
Composed the score with Philip Logan for this short film directed by Nikki Lee. Performer...

Remember Owen

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Co-wrote original music with Philip Logan for this short film directed by Nikki Lee. Producer,...


/Author: ericthebaum
Music inspired by breath-taking Alaskan views. Timelapse footage from various locations in...